Track your competitors in real time
Discover their online movements in only 10 minutes
  • Learn their movements

    Find out about all the changes your competitors make on their online channels, learn about their changes just when they happen, in real time, and respond in time.

  • New competitors

    Be the first to know when a new competitor shows up. Even before their customers!

  • In only 10 minutes

    Forget about waisting your time, revising websites, mass media, ads, social media,etc. Kompyte does all that for you.
    Now you only need 10 minutes to learn about what is going on.

What's Kompyte

Kompyte is the best tool in Competitive Intelligence, designed to respond in real time to your competitors' online strategies.
Kompyte allows you to monitor all online channels.

  •   Web Content
  •   Social Media
  •   SEO / SEM KPIs
  •   New Competitors
  •   Benchmark
  •   Alerts and reporting
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Our Customers says

Designed to respond



Receive alerts on real time when your competitors do any move



Check out the reach of your competitors moves and take your decisions ..



Warn your team, update your offer, or just take advantage on it.

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